Forstner Bits

A Forstner Bit can do it all

Drilling bits that are usually used in woodwork projects like furniture making are known as a Forstner bit.  The geometry of drill bits depends on the drill purpose. For example, the geometry includes a spiral, point angle and lip angle. These elements determine the use of the drills, for example, a drill with a spiral rate will be used on jobs that require faster feed rates. Now, drill bits are usually used together with drill presses or hand handheld create holes in metals, plastic, and wood materials. In many occasions, Forstner bits are costly when compared with the normal twist bits but they have fewer desirable features.

Where did the Forstner bit come from?

Forster bits were invented by Benjamin Forstner and hence the name. Such bits bore flat bottomed precise holes in respect to the grain of the wood that is to be used. Such can be used to make holes overlapping other holes and even make holes from the edge of blocks of wood.

Because of their abilities to create flat-bottomed holes, they can be used to add inlays by creating holes on the already glued veneer. And because they require a lot of force to push them up into the material they are drilling, Forstner bits (Wikipedia link) are usually used in lathes or drill presses and not as portable drills. This makes them a bad choice when it comes to looking for handheld drilling tools. Another reason as to why forstner bits are often used in lathes or drill presses and not as hand-held drilling tools is that its nature at times makes it difficult to move it through the materials they are used to drill. Therefore, when using Forstner bits, it is important to remember not to depend on the centers of these tools in guiding the drill deeper into the wood.


Now, a Forstner bit consists of center points that lead it through the cutting. Its cylindrical cutter shears the fibers of wood at the ends of the bore, also guiding the whole bit into the material it is drilling more precisely. Majority of Forstner bits also have radial edges used to plane off the materials they are used to cut at the end of a hole. Different Forstner bits will have varying numbers of radial edges depending on their designs. For the reason that these drills do not have any mechanism to get off chips from the holes they drill, they have to be pulled out regularly to have the chips removed. Earlier on, Forstner bits were commonly used by gunsmiths because they were very good at drilling holes with exceeding smooth sides. In addition to the above, Forstner bits can be used to create holes with square bottoms hence making it possible to be used for applications that require such shapes of holes.

Again, another benefit of using Forstner bits is that such are more effective in drilling larger volumes of wood in a very short time. Finally, just like the majority of other drills, you can get a Forstner bit in many varieties, giving users freedom of choice.

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